That is going to be my mantra now.  I have put way to much pressure on myself to only post "meaningful" or "well-written" posts with pictures and links.  So, I often will start a post, but never finish it because I never get it to the point where I feel good about it.  But, that isn't much of a "voice," now is it?  

So, I'm going to start writing, posting and repeating.  They may be short.  They may not have pictures.  They may not have links.  But, they will be blog posts.  Some may be good.  Some may be longer.  Some will have pictures.  Some will have links.  But, I'm going to stop making myself crazy and start making myself heard.  That is, after all, what this blog is about.  So, I'm going to use this space more.  Maybe some will come and read and be encouraged to use their own voice for something good, even if it is just for themselves.

So, today, I write.  Today, I post.  Later, I will repeat.  I hope you will join me in putting your voice out there!

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    I am a 40 something mother of one beautiful four year old daughter who has another's heart beating inside of her, a second-time wife, and in my second or third career.  I am a late-comer in all aspects of life and still finding my way.  I teach Speech Communication and I love to help others find their voice and use it for things that matter. 


    May 2013